I’m sticking to FRIDGE MAGNETS!

A holiday trip will not be complete without souvenir shopping. A must-buy for me is fridge magnets. These funky magnetic trinkets are cool to look at and for $3-8 a pop, I tend to go overboard and spoil myself buying a couple of dozens at one go! And because they’re relatively small and lightweight, it’s simply a matter of stashing them in between clothings in the tote or backpack. My two old refrigerators at home are adorned with these little treasures. Of course I’d give away some to family and friends. It’s way simpler to pick compared than, say, tees or scarfs – no worries about size or color.

Sure there are other run-of-the-mill stuff you can buy like key-chains, pins, badges, or even chocolates. I’ve lost count of the key-chains I got from friends. I’m actually using one or two, but the rest are collecting dust somewhere… Just bring home a fridge magnet for me and I’ll be grinning like the Cheshire cat the whole day!